## Welcome

> *First of all, there are no otters here. I'm utterly sorry about that. When I started this project, the name was given by the decision to write an otter wiki.
> -- Ralph*

This is the home of **An Otter Wiki**. A minimalstic wiki powered by python, markdown and git.

### Notable Features

- Minimalistic interface with dark-mode
- Editor with markdown support including tables
- Full changelog and page history
- User authentication
- Page Attachments
- A very cute Otter as logo (drawn by [Christy Presler](http://christypresler.com/) CC BY 3.0).

### Demo

- Want to try it out yourself? Please check out the [Demo](http://demo.otterwiki.com).
- Looking for [[Examples|examples]] how to use An Otter Wiki? You came to the right place. Various examples on how to use this wiki can be found [[here|examples]].

### Installation

Please read the [installation guide](/Installation) to get started, proceed to the [configuration guide](/Configuration)

### Contributing

Thank you for considering to contribute to An Otter Wiki! If you ran into an issue or want to request a feature, please reach out via <i class="fab fa-github"></i> [github](https://github.com/redimp/otterwiki/issues). Or fork the [repository](https://github.com/redimp/otterwiki/) develop the feature and submit a pull request. Detailed instructions about setting up a development environment can be found in [[Development]].

### Licence

An Otter Wiki is open-source software licensed under the [MIT License](/-/about).