First of all, there are no otters here. I'm utterly sorry about that. When I started this project, the name was given by the decision to write an otter wiki. -- Ralph

This is the home of An Otter Wiki. A minimalistic wiki powered by python, markdown and git.

Notable Features

  • Minimalistic interface with dark-mode
  • Editor with markdown support including tables
  • Full changelog and page history
  • User authentication
  • Page Attachments
  • A very cute Otter as logo (drawn by Christy Presler CC BY 3.0).


  • Want to try it out yourself? Please check out the Demo.
  • Looking for Examples how to use An Otter Wiki? You came to the right place. Various examples on how to use this wiki can be found here.


Please read the installation guide to get started, proceed to the configuration guide.


Thank you for considering to contribute to An Otter Wiki! If you ran into an issue or want to request a feature, please reach out via github. Or fork the repository develop the feature and submit a pull request. Detailed instructions about setting up a development environment can be found in Development.


An Otter Wiki is open-source software licensed under the MIT License.

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